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Rapid Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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  • This questionnaire download is provided FREE.

  • The questionnaire is designed in EXCEL xlsx and can be downloaded from one of our own OneDrive folders - REQUIREMENTS: you must have OneDrive and EXCEL xlsx to use this product;

  • In order to maintain your privacy, download the file and save it on your own OneDrive or hard disk; 

  • The automatic results depend entirely on your replies and Acumanage does not keep records of your replies or results unless you submit the saved file to Acumanage for further assistance;

  • Any data on your organisation that you freely submit to Acumanage is kept in strict confidence and not shared with any third party;

  • You may use the questionnaire as many times as you like;

  • The Questinnaire file is protected and you do not have Acumanage's permission to modify it, sell it or use it for any purpose other than your own private assessment of your opinions about your organisation's performance.

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