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Ethics, Efficiency, Efficacy

Is your business EEE?

Our assistance focuses on three drivers of success: Ethics, Efficiency and Efficacy. Whether your organisation is a business looking to achieve the level of profit you always aimed to reach or a humanitarian organisation aiming at sustained social impact, you have reached the right website.

Find out if your business is EEE by first reading about the EEE principles we promote and then downloading our FREE Rapid Self-Assessment Questionnaire. You can download the questionnaire at any time.

We can help you improve in every aspect within the following framework:

EEE principles promoted by Acumanage

ETHICS: Moral principles that govern a company’s dealings.
  1. INTEGRITY: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
  2. DEPENDABILITY: Keeping promises and fulfilling commitments.
  3. RESPECT: Having due regard for your customers, clients and employees.
  4. ECOLOGY: Prioritising regard for the environment and avoiding ecological damage.
  5. LOYALTY: Being loyal, fair and just in all company dealings within the framework of these ethical principles.
  6. CONSISTENCY: Being aware of the company’s own strengths and weaknesses, as well as of market opportunities and threats, and acting accordingly within this framework of principles.
  7. ACCOUNTABILITY: Being accountable.

EFFICIENCY: The state or quality of achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
  1. MARKET ANALYSIS: Carrying out pragmatic and systematic market research.
  2. MARKETNG STRATEGY: Analysing costs and margins, implementing publicity and analysing its impact on operations and sales.
  3. DESIGN: Elaborating conceptual documents specifying products and services required to respond to identified market needs and marketing strategy.
  4. PLANNING: Designing the production, sales and delivery processes, after-sales services and monitoring systems required.
  5. EXECUTION: Producing, delivering and servicing according to design, plans and contracts.
  6. TRACEABILITY: Being able to verify the history, location and application status of any item required in company processes.
  7. TEAM SPIRIT: Ensuring the collaboration and the morale of everyone involved.
EFFICACY: The ability to produce and deliver a desired or intended result.
  1. LEADERSHIP: Providing the vision and motivation to the company so that all involved work together toward the same goal.
  2. MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY: Top team providing evidence of its commitment to having in place a reliable management system and continually improving its effectiveness.
  3. MONITORING SYSTEM: Systematically identifying and recording indicators of progress and achievements.
  4. CORRECTIVE & PREVENTIVE ACTIONS: Eliminating nonconformities and eliminating the causes for a potential nonconformities to occur.
  5. EVALUATION: Systematically examining the extent to which the company has been able achieve its objectives.
  6. MANAGEMENT REVIEW: Involving all decision-makers within the company to analyse trends of progress towards company goals and objectives and taking the necessary decision towards the future.
  7. COMMITMENT TO CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Systematically pursuing excellence and staying abreast of development and change.

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