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Acumanage's founding company, ZEGERS TQM, started up in 1991 in Switzerland with the aim of offering optimum leadership and management techniques to a wide sector of business, governmental and non-governmental organisations. ZEGERS TQM registered as in 2001 as a result of additional services transcending its original mandate. Since 1991, ZEGERS TQM and Acumanage have rendered services to a large number of public and private customer organisations world-wide.

Acumanage's knowledge-sharing and development activities are carried out through specific management courses and consulting services offered in various disciplines such as: Monitoring, Evaluation, Health Systems, Strategic Planning, Institutional Development, Project Management and supporting methods and techniques.

In each of these disciplines Acumanage has provided customers and clients with the indispensable tools for continuous improvement on the basis of ethics, efficiency and efficacy, leading to the success of each assignment under contract in addition to establishing a sustainable system for the future.

Currently based in the United Kingdom, Acumanage offers a wealth of experience for SMEs, NGOs, Public and Private sector governance and Civil-society organisations.